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In Words: N.A.O.P.

- Boozy - June 2000 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Boozy (by email) - June, 20th 2000

Why do you named the band N.A.O.P.? Your bio says it means Noisy Act Of Protest.

The name Noisy Act Of Protest is too long, that's why we mostly use the initials, or just "Noisy Act".

What statement do you wanna make with this name?

We want to make sure, that people who hear the name Noisy Act Of Protest know, what kind of band they can ex­pect. They know for sure, that their dealing with a loud band, that takes their lyrics seriously.

How would you describes your music?

The answer to the question, how to describe our music, is simple,... Old-fashioned-punk-core!!!!!!!!!

Why you named your album Full Contact?

Full Contact in my view says it all. It's straight in-your-face !!!!!!!!! And we don't like long album-titles which are "oh so fucking deep and meaningful."

Please tell a something about the lyrics! How do you came up with the ideas for them?

We used to write about political issues, like "fuck-racism", 'Fuck-war',.... But we've done all that, although we still have the same views, we now write more personally. The world might be fucked up, but look at yourself, and see what you, yourself, can do about it. Respect towards others, no matter what colour or beliefs.

The album is in the stores for a while now. The CD reviews I saw, been pretty good. How was the reaction in general? Any reactions from fans?

The reviews overall, are very positive, especially in Belgium. I don't know if we have "fans", but all our friends say it's the best thing we ever done.

You are around for many years. You played in your home country as opener for many big names. Why did it took such a long time until you hit the international scene?

We never had a manager, or someone who's got all the good contacts. Now we are on an international label, DieHard, and they make sure the CD is distributed all over Europe.

Do HC fans don't respect you as much as American acts, because you're from Holland?

It's typical Dutch, to look up at American and British bands and piss off your locals.

Is there a HC scene in Holland? Bands of other metal genres are known, but not many HC bands! Tell us a little bit about the scene!

There's a small scene in the South of Holland, like Eindhoven and Maastricht, M-Town-Rebels. We're not part of this, because we're not from that area. We don't liked being in a scene, we have respect for everyone who's in a band, and play there OWN loud music, whether it's metal, Oi, or punk-hard-core. And I mean OWN music, because it's very trendy nowadays to play "covers". Fuck that!!! I've seen loads of bands playing, and they get the biggest reactions playing covers of Agnostic Front or Sick Of It All. They say it's out of respect, I say, it's easy to get some cool reaction. My all time favorite band is Discharge, and out of respect, I never play a song from them, because I know it can never be better than the original.

In the past you played with a lot of big names. Any stories to tell of this shows?

Well nothing special, it's just cool to see, that those bands have equal respect for you, as we have for them. But I must say, we've played with G.B.H., D.R.I., Exploited and that's really something special. Playing with your all time heroes does give you an extra shot of adrenaline!!!

Are any concerts planned or a tour? Will you play any festivals this summer?

Loads of concerts are planned, and even some tours. A fucking shame though is, that there's always been some kind of muttha-fucking doom about N.A.O.P. playing a tour. I won't go into details, but it happened, even within 1 year, that tour possible-tours were cancelled just one week before!!!!!!!!

Which bands influenced you? And do you listen to non-metal stuff? If you do, so please tell us about!

Our main influences are Discharge, Exploited, G.B.H. and D.R.I. no fucking compromise, just loud and fast!!!!!! I personally listen a lot to doomy music and sing-and-songwriter. That music makes me relaxed. That's also the main reason, why I never want to compromise with the loud music from N.A.O.P. Listening to slow music makes me feel good, but playing it, really bores me to death. And besides, we can never play slow music, it's not in our veins. When I hear other hardcore music, I just want to run off to the practise-room, and start playing ourselves !!!!!

Do you think that being from Holland make your music sound different to similar acts from the States?

I really don't know. We just make music they way we want it to be !!!

There is an homepage (, but IMO you shall work on your webpage. Are you doing the page on your own? Or is it a fan page which you support?

If we could find the time, maybe we could do some more with this. But on the other hand, let the DieHard-dudes sort this out.

That's it, thanx for the interest, and Noisy Greetings, Take care,
Boozy, NAOP!!!!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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