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On stage: Nightwish

- Rage & Nightwish - Dec. 1999 - Vienna (A) -
- Rage, Nightwish & Valley's Eve - Dec. 1999 - Cologne (D) -
- W.O.A. - Aug. 2000 - Wacken (D) -
- Nightwish & Sinergy - Oct. 2000 - Herford (D) -

Nightwish & Sinergy - Oct., 7th 2000 -
- Herford (Germany), Kick

To avoid feeling like a sardine in a can, we went to Herford to see Nightwish instead of the sold-out Zeche in Bochum. The Kick in Herford is a big sized disco which sometimes host concerts. About 1,500 fans came to see the Finnish, it was crowded, but not too bad....
I missed Eternal Tears Of Sorrow due to the fact that my interview with Nightwish was scheduled for ETOS stage time.
I saw Sinergy the first time when they toured with Primal Fear about a year ago... Now the band of Kimberly Goss had released their 2nd album To Hell And Back and so they had more material to chose from. But due to the fact that drummer Tommi Lillman was injured in an accident, they had to find a substitute. Luckily guitarist Alexi Laiho could convince his band mate in Children Of Bodom Jaska to help out on the drums. Kimberly rocked the fans with songs like Warrior Queen, Beware The Heavens and Midnight Madness. With the new material Kim proofed that she found her musical home with Sinergy. A good show, only the stage acting could be better, coz beside Kimberly only Alexi Wildchild Laiho moved and banged. It was obvious that Alexi's guitar is the essential of the Sinergy music and gives Kimberly the playground for her vocals.
After the break Nightwish came to conquer the Kick. From the first note the fans screamed and shouted and the band of Tuomas seems to enjoy it. Since the Finish toured with Rage they had many chances to improve their stage acting. Opening with She's My Sin a fireworks of songs began. The great light show and effects supported the atmosphere of songs like Kingslayer, Wishmaster and Dead Boy's Poem. With big gestures Tarja act on stage more like a opera diva as like a metal queen. I know that many fans, especially male ones, see it a little different... Anyway, Tarja has a great voice and gives the music of Tuomas and Emppu a special feeling. Personally I think that her stage acting is a little stiff, but.... Okay, hate me for this... Anyway, the fans went crazy, even if the sound wasn't pretty good. Perhaps it was the dog's day of the sound tech, coz Savatage had a great sound when they played here 2 years ago, but their sound tech Gary gave them even at Düsseldorf's Stahlwerk a good sound... After a 90 min. long set the band left the fans and just returned for one encore due to the event which was scheduled after the concert. The fans left satisfied and will wait impatiently for the return of the Nightwish!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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