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On stage: Nazareth

- Bang-Your-Head - June 2007 - Balingen (D) -
- Nazareth - Feb. 2008 - Essen (D) -

Nazareth - Feb. 29th 2008 - Essen (D), Weststadthalle

Its no surprise that Nazareth are coming on tour, coz the oldsters tour frequently for 40 years now! But this time they have a new album to present. The Newz just got into the stores today, so the set list could hold some surprises.
When I arrived at Weststadthalle a crowd had already gathered in front of the stage. My colleague was stuck in the traffic and so I saw only one song of Tri State Corner. The band looked like a Nu metal band, but presented melodic heavy metal with some Greek folk elements. They really enjoyed playing it seemed... But then it was time for me to leave for the interview with Nazareth, but I will check out this band soon.
Dan McCaffertyWhen I came back from the interview Tri State Corner left the stage... Change over. Then it was time for Nazareth! The intro started and the band walked on stage to kick of with one of their harder songs - Beggar's Day. With a new song called Keep On Travelin' they continued, perhaps a bit early in the set to play a new songs... Anyway, they rocked the house! Especially with Razamanaz! Frontman Dan McCafferty seems to get better every year... Incredible! Okay, after the song he first announced a song from the new album, just to add with a smile "This one is 150 years old!" - and they kicked off This Flight Tonight. Bassist Pete Agnew played precise, you could set a watch by him! While Dan talked to the fans Pete leaned to his bass rack - waiting. "Danke schön, meine Herren!... Meine Damen! This a song from our new album The Newz! What's it called?" Dan asked the fans - and they answered. The singer announced with a smile that he'll ask them again. And they set in to play A Day At The Beach. The reaction was good, but the fans want to hear the old tunes - even on the 40th anniversary tour. And so the Scottish presented a few old tunes incl. Big Boy, Bad Bad Boy and Whisky Drinking Woman. After The Gathering - another new tune, which is a bit dark - and it was time for one of their biggest hits - Love Hurts! Jimmy MurrisonThe black backdrop now was lit up and the countless small lights created a starry sky. The fans sang along loudly. With Hair Of The Dog - incl. a bag pipe part by Dan - they continued and after one more song they left the stage. But they didn't let their fans wait for long... Soon the Scottish quartet was back to play Dream On! The house was on fire! Lighters were lit and fans sang along this ballad. The starry sky came to life again for Morning Dew and with this folk traditional they finished the show.
After about 90 minutes of rock it was over, but when you consider that mainmen Dan McCafferty and Pete Agnew are at an age where most thing about retirement its amazing how they rock. Obviously they enjoy playing live and that's why they are on the road for about 8 months a year! The Scottish rock dinosaurs are still alive and kicking! See you next year!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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