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On disc: Nydvind

Sworn To The Elders - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

Sworn to the Elders

Sworn To The Elders
(Trollzorn - 2010)

Nydvind are a folk metal band from France, a country I feel sure is soon to be firmly put on the map as a place that not only produces great chefs, but also great folk metal!
With a few French bands flying the flag for Celtic Folk Metal, namely Heol Telwen, Bran Barr and Aes Dana, Nydvind have taken a different track and instead give us a darker heathen metal album. It is obviously inspired by Blood on Ice-era Bathory and yet different enough to not be seen as a Bathory clone. The songs are very rousing and full of heathen pride which will make you long for the elder days.
Bran Barr vocalist Richard Loudin is the founder of this band. He is a talented folk metal singer capable of both strong growls and rasps and excellent clean vocals in the style reminiscent of Teutonic bands such as XIV Dark Centuries.
In fact, it is this style of rousing heathen folk metal that Nydvind have produced on this, their second full length album. If you're a fan of the likes of XIV Dark Centuries or Menhir then you should really check out Nyvind. The vocals and guitar tone are very similar and the whole album has a very similar feel. However, Nydvind haven't copied the German bands wholesale and there is enough of themselves in this record to make it seem fresh. Certainly I don't know of any other French band that makes music like this.
Trollzorn are a label that seems to have the cream of the crop of current heathen folk metal bands and Nydvind are certainly no exception. This is a fantastic album that will be appreciated by anyone who wants something deeper than the shallow, sword-waving antics of the likes of Turisas.

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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