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On disc: NunFuckRitual

In Bondage To The Serpent - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

In Bondage To The Serpent

In Bondage To The Serpent
(Debemur Morti - 2011)

Post-black metal. This is a term I've seen chucked around a lot in recent times but I've never really known what it is. However, a quick search on google and I'm a little wiser and now realize that most of the bands listed in this style I dislike, with the exception of A Forest Of Stars who are actually rather awesome. NunFuckRitual, despite the name that would be more fitting of a standard black metal band, falls under this post-black metal umbrella.

The thing that separates this particular band from its contemporaries is the lineup which consists of Mayhem's live guitarist Teloch, bassist Dan Lilker whom you may recognize from an early Anthrax line-up, Stormtroopers Of Death and Nuclear Assault, Andreas Jonsson of Swedish black metal horde The Black and Espen T. Hangård of Altaar. In general a heavyweight lineup of black and thrash metal musicians. I guess they all just needed a place to let their more experimental sides show.

So what does the music of NunFuckRitual sound like? Well, for the most part if you imagine black metal slowed down to maybe 1/666 of its original speed you get the general idea. Its pretty slow, and meandering. The one exception is track 5, Perthenogen, which is a more mid-tempo number that has a great little riff and sounds like pure malevolence in music form. It is in this track where the 'black' truly shows itself with each preceding song being very depressive, doomy stuff.
What cannot be faulted in this album is the sheer evil atmosphere that prevails throughout the recording. Each instrument and each note played is perfectly honed to fill your mind with sickening dread.

Now, admittedly I'm not into this style at all to be honest so I didn't find too much to enjoy in this 45 minute, six track album but I can appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into it. if you are a fan of post-black or depressive music in general you'll probably find a lot more to like about it than I.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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