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On disc: Nuclear Warfare

God Of Aggression - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

God Of Aggression

God Of Aggression
(MDD Records - 2010)

The band Nuclear Warfare was founded in 2001 and God Of Aggression is their 3rd full-length album. The quartet is influenced by 80's thrash metal, but it's not the Bay Area sound they prefer, they stick to their roots and show their admiration for bands like Destruction, Sodom and old Kreator.
They kick off with Mutilator, at the beginning it's guitar, bass and the sound of war, but then they speed up and storm off into a thrash attack. Bassist and singer Fritz sounds a bit like Mille in the 80's... Add a dash of Angelripper and you'll get it. The foursome is mixing mid-paced passages and fast riff attacks. Way Of Torment is a short instrumental which builds a bridge to War Machine. The guitar leads at the opening passage are memorable, then they head into a fast riff attack, another break... I miss a bit the flow... it's like they had some ideas which they tried to make work in one song. Unfortunately it doesn't work out well. At the title track they add some growls and so God Of Aggression gets a slight death-ish touch. At March To War the chorus / gang shouts seems to be influenced by Accept, but it's a real thrasher.
A decent album and solidly played, but it's like they revive the old days. They don't offer just fast riff attacks, they use tempi changes and other elements to make the songs more interesting. But still it's old school thrash metal, so fans who frequently listen to the early works of Kreator, Sodom and Destruction should check out Nuclear Warfare.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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