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On disc: Nothgard

Warhorns Of Midgard - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

Warhorns Of Midgard

Warhorns Of Midgard
(Black Bards - 2011)

The young Vikings these days comes from Germany. Since it's their debut album they have not have many possibilities to give demonstrations of what they can do, but on their CD Warhorns of Midgard everything is solved, and it gets solved in a manner so nobody can have any doubts that here comes the tribal force of such mighty to blow everything else aside. If their goal is to conquer the world, that is almost achieved with such musical power that this albums contains. It's hot it's explosive and it's filled to the rim with Viking brutal immortality in a style of fighting spirit. Lovely to hear a band who don't give a toss about pleasing the mainstream music of Viking metal, they are completely on their own, and in that case, making a debut, why not give the metal world something that is hard to be exposed, now that it's already made an entry to the world of bravery.

The songs are both of vitality, sublime melodic creations, battle-oriented power metal, but what really hits the unsuspected and unwarned listener is a metal attack, guitars, violins, flute combined in a brutal forceful attack so intense that one should think: who are Nothgard, who are these upcoming youngsters that makes this entrance to the metal scene? They don't need an answer, they more than prove themselves from the first tones with Lex Talionis an opener with flying guitars and awesome explosive kind of power. The song Arminius holds traditional Viking metal giving massive madness to the masses, you can actually feel the air moving as though the Viking hordes were standing right behind you with their swords raised. Under The Serpent Sign is their ultimate battle song, again true Viking music to thrill beyond control. Blackened Sky is one of the most powerful songs of this onslaught album, if it is possible to get any heavier as they progress to more wildness in the title track Warhorns Of Midgard. If you are not lying on the floor already it will happen now, with this song the battle can not be avoided any longer. The song Spirit slows down a little bit with well put violins just to give the album another dimension, and the themes fits perfectly. Rise After Falling is another song to symbolize the battle squad from Germany with full strength. It could go on forever, but their debut is limited to 12 songs, and that gives you a feeling of being in the center of the battles the Vikings held. But it's not just the guitars and other instruments which makes the victorious success of the CD, the real success is hidden in the raw force coming from the vocal side. It's not centered on a singers skills just like other bands have done (Dio, Judas Priest, Whitesnake etc.) the Nothgard vocalist, Dom, is using his extremely powerful voice to give the songs a massive dose of raw power, in a way that can not be described, truly amazing. This album will not disappoint anyone, in fact most metal fans would enjoy this phenomenal album, it has everything.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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