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On disc: No Empathy

Rust - Lars Bjørn - 2 stars


(Ketzer Records - 2012)

No Empathy is a death metal from Germany (not to be confused with the old American punk band No Empathy), and the Germans are ready to splash a debut full-length record after having made several demos earlier on. But a full-length record may be to take the mouth a little full since some of their songs are limited to about one minute. And this new release is only available in 500 copies, so an appeal to a broader circle of fans is not the top priority for No Empathy at least not at the present time. When you listen to their music the explanation could become obvious, meaningless noisy death metal totally without musical content, growling chaos that makes you wonder why they want to get known for such lack of musical talent. But anyway they have made 500 copies of this debut album, and if they can shape up in the future will remain to see. This album is not giving much hope, but never say never.

2 stars

Lars Bjørn


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