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On disc: Nocturnus

- Thresholds - Daniel de Niz - 8 stars


(Earache - 1992)

A death metal band from Florida, USA - and not a typical one! Released in 1992 on Earache Records this is their second effort. Even though there aren't as many guitar solos as in their debut album The Key, the ones we find here are quite outstanding - in Eddie Van Halen's vein, again -, and some keyboards - one of the very first death metal bands to do so back in the early 1990's.
Their lyrics deal with science fiction which was also untypical at the time. The voice reminds a lot to the grunts of the time - Morbid Angel's David Vincent to name an archetype.
The drumming and slow tempo of the songs may sound a bit slow compared to many current melodic death metal bands... Some of the best tracks are: Climate Controller, Nocturne In Bm, Arctic Crypt and Subterranean Infiltrator.
Considering the period when it was released, it was fresh and innovative. Still, I have heard no band with their characteristic sound. They deserve not only a listen, but recognition as some other bands from the Florida metal scene have got it.

8 stars

Daniel de Niz


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