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On disc: Noctem

Oblivion - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars


(Rising Records - 2011)

If you want a well-written mix of black, death and techno metal played with aggression and power you should give Noctem a try. Their style is futuristic and daring, and their music can only be described as extreme metal, a kind of metal where you can not be sure what is going to happen in the next couple of seconds. Their stage performance is special, their outfit and appearance is unique so what about their musical content. Starting with Popol Vuh shows that also their language is out of this world. It's an intro with techno metal to warm up the listeners, otherwise it could be difficult to swallow the next song, The Arrival Of The False Gods, techno style guitar sound speed metal with a type of aggression from a source that Noctem have made to their trademark. Universal Disorder is very forceful death metal with a good melodic line in the musical where the vocalist Beleth clears the road for Noctem to make their entrance. Abnegation And Brutality is an attack of the strongest kind that will hit like a vampires bite, and the music conquers with a type of anger that you don't get so often from metal bands. Invictus is a vicious song, however with the melodic basic elements melted together with brutality that Noctem produces. Sons Of Hun-Vucub gets the last grasps of disbelief to vanish from your brain with more well-written brutality with a smile built into their metal forces from the Spanish super heroes. Seeking The Ruin Of Souls has a sublime way to combine the power class metal with hard aggression and technical pieces of genius metal. As something different the listeners get a small a small song, Q'uma'rka'aa'j, that is consisting of soft spellbinding guitar sounds that rest the system and get your nerves back in order. A Borning Winged Snake is a creature it is best to stay away from if you want to survive, brutal and fast comes the snake with a fantastic rhythm and a technical level of high class. If that kind of metal is not special, just listen to the last song, the title track Oblivion. Very advanced rhythm that is some of the most mystical and experimenting kind of metal today. Melodic and aggressive of course, and midway through the song they slow down for a long period almost setting the song on standby, but opens up again with an exploding finish that makes a great last impression of their metal ambitions. Oblivion is their second album in 10 years, but Noctem has a sense of how to surprise their fans.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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