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On disc: Nitrogods

Nitrogods - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(SPV - 2012)

The trio Nitrogods is presenting their self-titled debut and even if it's a new band two of the members have a past in the music business. Guitarist Henny Wolter founded Thunderhead, was part of Sinner and Primal Fear for several years while drummer Klaus Sperling was part of Primal Fear / Sinner and is now Freedom Call's drummer, but singer / bassist Oimel Larcher will be a nobody to most. Nitrogods is a band which was founded by friends to play the music they love most - dirty heavy rock / metal. And so you'll find references to bands like Rose Tattoo and Motörhead. Especially Oimel Larcher's raspy vocals show similarities to Lemmy, while Henny Wolter's melodic guitar play gives the songs a melodic edge. At Least I'm Drunk is their first single and shows a different facet, but check out this one yourself:

At Whiskey Wonderland Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty joins the Nitrogods, the song has a Southern rock edge and fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd as well as Black Label Society might dig this tune. Licence To Play Loud sounds like Lemmy is doing an AC/DC tribute song... Quite entertaining. At The Devil Dealt The Deck they slow down a bit... It's a stoner rock song with great guitar play. Riptide has a catchy refrain and would have been a good pick for a single - at least in my opinion. For Wasted In Berlin they hooked up 'Fast' Eddie Clark and so it's no surprise that this song has a dash of Motörhead in it.... A fast dirty rocker. The closer is called Zombietrain and again they slightly change direction, back to desert rock sounds.

The songs vary a bit and show different influences, but the album sounds homogenous and will entertain you for a long time. Obviously Nitrogods did this album for their own entertainment, they don't try to follow the latest trend or sound modern. This is authentic and if you like a good heavy rock album, check out Nitrogods!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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