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On disc: Nightvision

Consequence Of Sin - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

Consequence Of Sin

Consequence Of Sin
(Rocksector Records - 2011)

Nightvision is a quintet from Lincolnshire in the UK that received high praise from Bruce Dickinson for the debut album As The Lights Go Down back in 2009. Now the lads present their sophomore album, Consequence Of Sin, once again through Manchester label Rocksector Records.

Playing a riff-fueled brand of hard rock, Nightvision's second album is a tour-de-force showcasing an incredibly tight band at the top of their game. Vocalist Dave McKee dominates proceedings with a sublime performance displaying an incredibly versatile voice capable of adding a depth of emotion to any and all of Nightvision's compositions, no matter the speed or style.

A strong bass section from Dean provides the necessary strong foundation on which Bolda can add some piledriving riffs and soaring solos whilst Daryl provides the piston-powered percussion that gives songs like Nowhere To Hide such a sense of power.

With twelve songs spread across 45 minutes Consequence Of Sin is a real joyride through hard rock territory. The guys have managed to craft an album that can be enjoyed by those who enjoy more extreme, heavy music (such as myself) and yet catchy and easy enough to listen to that it should garner a tremendous amount of radio airplay. Kinda like Nickelback, if Nickelback had balls, mixed with the classic metal of Blaze Bayley.

This is a band heading for success. If you're sensible you'll be along for the ride!

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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