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On disc: Nightqueen

For Queen And Metal - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

For Queen And Metal

For Queen And Metal
(Massacre Records - 2012)

Nightqueen marks their 7 years of existence with their debut album called For Queen And Metal. Many problems with finding the right people to be in the band has made the road very rough for Nightqueen, but finally they are here with their CD in hopes to make a break for it. Talent compared with melodic powerful metal that are both representing 80's metal and today's epical power metal with creative ideas in the songwriting. Maybe they want to stay on the safe path and not do something out of the ordinary is the first thought I get, as there is nothing new or sensational here, just nice melodic songs that get somehow long drawn and partly weakened by the vocalist Keely Larreina. She has a voice so raspy it seems a wonder she was chosen to this position. Especially on the soft semi-ballad Lady Fantasy it is clear how much a skilled singer means to a band, and with Larreina it is hard to make a solid impression.

All the songs are of a good quality with power as the foundation, and the title song For Queen And Metal has a super great rhythm that gives the melodic tale a boost. Nocturnal Thoughts is soft power with fantastic guitar play and many good elements included. Screaming For Mercy gives us some of the 80's sound with fast guitar metal, another style than the other songs but great nevertheless. The best song on the album is Secret Of The Blind Man, here the power and musical enjoy goes hand in hand with the extra 10% that makes it real great. Generally the album is okay, but there is absolute room for improvements. I look forward to the next album from Nightqueen.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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