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On disc: Night Conquers Day

- Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival

Rebellion Is The Art Of Survival
(Hammerheart Rec. - 1999)

Night Conquers Day is one of the best American black metal act. Their first release The First Snowfall was very successful in the underground. Part of this band is Mikael who is the mastermind of Into The Sunless, Meridian, Shadowcaster and Tearstained! So it's obvious that they play black metal with elements of death, trash and doom metal. Beside that there are elements of traditional metal. The singer leaves the traditional black metal vocals again and again and so NCD offers a bigger variety. Sometimes it sounds like King Diamond is singing! This album proof that NCD is a part of the US black metal elite!
With 7 songs and a running time of 73:04 minutes the band offers more than others do! Taking part on an Iron Maiden tribute album shows that they are influenced by classical NWoBHM. A good sound make listening a pleasure.

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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