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On disc: Nidingr

Wolf Father - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars

Wolf Father

Wolf Father
(Vendlus Records - 2011)

This band is a dark experience that so many of the bands from Norway, they had almost given up their career in the black metal scene, but decided to give it a new try. The result is a short CD of only 6 songs, but they do hold some substance with styles ranging from speed and death metal to nice and extreme dark black metal.
5 years has gone since we last heard of Nidingr, but their comeback is only half-hearted, taking a glimpse of Nordic mythology and naming their song titles with strange names: Fafnismol, Reginsmol, Voluspo.
If they want the listeners to give attention and try to remember the songs, the titles doesn't help in that way. But the song Reginsmol is among the best stuff of this CD, consist of a deep death-characteristic ground rhythm that backgrounds a speedy song which is getting more and melodic along the way. Also the song Baldrs Draumar has a lot of powerful energy, combinations with choir and a dark sound to give a pure black metal impression. All in all a CD that could have a say in the black metal business, but is handicapped by being too short.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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