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On disc: New Device

Takin' Over - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Takin' Over

Takin' Over
(Powerage Records - 2009)

New Device is a band from London which was founded in October 2007. Everybody in New Device was active before and was touring with bands like Bullet For My Valentine, Funeral For A Friend and My Chemical Romance. Soon after the founding of the band they recorded a 4-track demo which got them a deal with Powerage Records. In June 2008 it was time to record their debut Takin' Over. These days their debut will be released...
They kick off with the heavy, modern rocker Make My Day. It's the energy which steam rolls you, but next you realize that the melody hooks you up right away! And the catchy refrain will soon haunt you. But don't expect some shallow rocker! The heavy groove and metallic riffs is coming over you. Singer Daniel Leigh has a powerful, emotional voice and can give the songs what they demand. Next in line is Never Say Never, another powerful rocker, but a bit more melodic. Here they use for a moment distorted vocals. At You've Got It Comin' they show their rock roots! Here you can hear the influence of stadium rock bands from the 80's. A bit sleazy... Cool guitar solo from Phil Kinman who's sharing guitar duties with rhythm guitarist Robb Wybrow. The dynamic duo Andy Saxton (bass) and Rozzy Ison (drums) are the bands rhythmic soul. More balladesque is In The Fading Light. With On Fire they present a real heavy, guitar-driven rocker! But when you expect some aggressive vocals, then you are wrong! The vocal line reminds me of something, it's on the tip of my tongue... Anyway, have a good time and party!!!! With Until The End they go metal! Another stadium rocker! A bit Guns'n Roses like is Moth To The Flame... at least guitar-wise, coz when Daniel Leigh sets in the song takes a different direction... and becomes a power ballad. They rock you with Seven Nights, Seven Bodies! And even if you think you know what's coming, they can surprise you again! Acoustic guitar leads you into Heaven Knows, it they don't stick to the acoustic guitar. The closer is No One Does It Better Then Me... Well, they are doing damn good! So, give New Device a try - and let them hook you up!
New Device have catchy hooklines, soaring melodies, a heavy groove, killer riffs... The create something which has the energy and partly the riffing of metalcore bands, but is highly melodic and has a rock vibe! Check out: You've Got It Comin', On Fire and Make My Day!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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