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On disc: New Born Hate

Obsessed - Carsten Bahr - 7 stars


(STF Records - 2010)

Heidelberg-based band New Born Hate present their debut album called Obsessed. Obsessed is an angry mix of hardcore grooves and thrash metal riffs spiced up with a dash of melodic death metal. A fat production make it fun to listen to the 10 adrenaline-filled tunes. The youngsters are influenced by Hatebreed, Machine Head and some Scandinavian acts. Right from the start, the opener On The Way, they offer a mix of melodic guitar riffs, fat hardcore grooves and vocals which switch between deep grunts and Hatebreed-like shouts. Nothing really new, but well done. New Born Hate shows that they can slow down and create a dark atmosphere at K.D.A, but later the song explodes - and they go back and forth between the different sounds. And they stay on the chosen path, some time aggressive neck breaker, sometimes fat grooves build the basis and then they surprise the listener with spoken word parts which make the songs even darker. The twin guitar play offers classic metal riffs la Judas Priest. A lot variety the youngsters offer, but the tracks are memorable no matter how heavy or aggressive they are. 666 is Soilwork-like without a kitschy refrain. My main criticism is the length of the songs, they are between 6-7 minutes and that's a bit too much - sometimes. A bit shortened the songs would be even better... Anyway, a very decent debut album which make me want to hear more of New Born Hate.

7 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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