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On disc: Neurosis

- The Eye Of Every Storm - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

The Eye Of Every Storm

The Eye Of Every Storm
(Relapse Records - 2004)

The American band is around for almost 20 years and are known in the metal scene. Still they work with the change of loud, metallic sounds and low, melancholy passages. A good impression of Neurosis' sound 2004 is the album opener Burn. Their symphonic psychedelic sounds are what make them different. Through the years their songs got more and more melodic, but still heavy. The songs are complex and at the same time simple... With producer Steve Albini - he produced their last 3 albums - they wove soundscapes and the vocals of Scott Kelly and Steve von Till are emotional and touching. They gave up the screaming vocals to create a more atmospheric sound. Listen to the title track The Eye Of Every Storm and you'll know what I mean. Impossible to explain Neurosis 2004. But fans of Tool, Mogwai and Swans will like it. Also fans of The Gathering might find this interesting...

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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