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On disc: Nemesis

- Eden? - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Sensory Records - 2002)

Never heard about this band before? Me, too! Perhaps because we don't hear much about Hungarian bands in general... Eden? Is their 1st English album and presents the quintet to an international scene. Musically they offer dark, progressive rock / metal, but there are some unusual elements included. The seven minutes long opener Reality's Door shows the direction. Their music remind me a bit of Pink Floyd and Fates Warning. The band of singer Zoltan Kiss is well-known in their home country where they released 2 albums in the late 90's. Unfortunately I don't know these albums - as the most of you, I guess - so I can't compare Eden? with them. The Hungarians present seven progressive rock / metal songs which aren't to complex, so that you can enjoy it from the first second, but even after a few spins you'll recognize little details here and there. The song Eternal Circle should be mentioned, not just because it's with more then 10 minutes the longest track. No, here the band presents a heavy track split into two parts (Journey With Light and Dismal Sorrow) which is the best track in my opinion and if the coming album Psychogeist have more of this quality, then they really have a chance to make themselves known.
The last track on Eden? is a Hungarian folk song which is called Viragenek. A balladesque tune which sounds strange through the Hungarian vocals, but is fascinating at the same time. The vocals are more intense. Perhaps coz he sings in his mother tongue...
At all, an interesting album. The band has the potential to make it, but the fans will decide about their future.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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