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On disc: Nekromantheon

Divinity Of Death - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Divinity Of Death

Divinity Of Death
(Vendlus Records - 2011)

Three experienced musicians from the north part of Norway got together in 2005 and started their new constellation Nekromantheon to work with small products, an EP in 2007 a couple of demos just to warm up for this new release their debut full-length album.
Arild Torp, guitar and vocals. Sindre Solem, bass and vocals. Christian Holm, drums. They have started a new era of the trash metal music that has been dominated by band like Sepultura and Slayer. They include different aspects to their songs, both heavy metal and more speed metal like compositions are represented on the debut CD, but the dominating music is a melodic trash metal so filled with power that a breakthrough is around the corner. In fact this album was released in 2010 on vinyl, 30,000 copies, and their fans forced Nekromantheon to produce it on CD as well. The demand was already high, and I can see no weak points in this album. There is the song Lex Talionis which is entirely instrumental, but the others have the powerful voice of Torp and Solem, the companions from the old band Obliteration, and together with Christian Holm, ex-Audiopain, the trio burst forward with brutality and elegance.
Gringo Death is the opener with Holms massive drums and Torp giving everything he got on the guitar, no-one can misjudge the style from this kind of opening act. The Point Of No Return holds a melodic heavy metal song nice basic features but it gets speedier by the minute and blows you across the room. Cry Havoc is the pearl of this album, trash metal oh yeah, but with melodic skilful technique so that is tells that there are other bands who also can do splendid trash metal. But also listeners who likes a hammer across the face supplied by pure guitar sound will not be disappointed, Acid Visions gives you a guitar attack so you sit back and wonders what hit you. 11 songs that shows the spirit of the Norway metal. Divinity Of Death is a very convincing album, because it consist of so many things and everything's works so good together as it does on this album.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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