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On disc: Nefarium

Ad Discipulum - Mike Thompson - 9 stars

Ad Discipulum

Ad Discipulum
(Agonia Records - 2010)

Nefarium is a veteran band in the Italian black metal scene and have released three full-length albums in the past five years. The latest blasphemous offering from these corpse-painted heretics is entitled Ad Discipulum.
If you are a fan of fast, raw black metal then you should stop reading this review and just buy this album now. Make no mistake, these guys are here to crush your pitiful skulls with nothing less than pure sonic brutality.
King Diamond guitarist Andy Larocque is responsible for the mixing on this album and he has done a fine job of rendering the album listenable whilst still sounding raw and brutal. The guitars are very trebly and have that typical black metal sound. Throughout the album it appears they are engaged in a battle with the phenomenal drumming, provided by Enthroned skin-man Garghuf. Each instrument is constantly vying for your attention, lending the album a chaotic but thoroughly satisfying listening experience.
Vocalist Carnifex has a voice that I'm sure could be used to flay the skin from the body of any Christian foolish enough to confront him. His rasps are deeper than many black metal vocalists, sounding more like death metal growls at times but it makes a refreshing change to hear something slightly different in black metal without it sounding totally crap!
This album also features a couple of guest appearances. 1349's Archaon provides some guitar solos on tracks one and four whilst Mortuary Drape's Wildness Perversion lays some vocals down on track three. The songs in question probably didn't need this extra tinkering but, well, its an extra selling point isn't it?
I honestly couldn't pick a top track from the eight on offer here. The album is about 35 minutes long and it all fits together perfectly as a short but uncompromisingly brutal package of excellent black metal. If you're a black metal fan then this album needs to have your attention!

9 stars

Mike Thompson


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