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On disc: Necrovorous

Funeral For The Sane - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars

Funeral For The Sane

Funeral For The Sane
(Blood Harvest Records - 2011)

Death metal from Greece comes from the band who have exists since 2005; Necrovorous. They have earlier produced some EP and demos, but now they make their first full-length album. Their style of death metal are not to spoken against as they give all they got to make a good debut product, and half of the songs are of good quality.

Succubus Dormitory are hammering angry power death metal at full speed, The Vilest Of All Dreams is slow blood dripping no-compromise death metal that goes into the heart of Death fans. Mind Lacerations has a melodic line combined with fast racing power but still lacks a bit in the precision, good song however. Funeral For The Sane goes totally violent speedy spiced up with good and attractive rhythm and for a death metal song this should be experienced with your own ears to get your own opinion. The last song is Dwellers Of My Flesh, good melodic death metal where you get the genuine graveyard atmosphere that Necrovorous strives after.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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