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On disc: Necronomicon

The Return Of The Witch - Mike Thompson - 6 stars

The Return Of The Witch

The Return Of The Witch
(Napalm Records - 2010)

Necronomicon are a blackened death metal band from Canada, a nation that has been producing many quality but oft-overlooked metal bands for quite a few years now. Perhaps its some sort of penance for inflicting Sum 41 and Avril Lavigne on the world? Are Necronomicon one of the hidden gems of the Canadian underground?
Anyway, The Return Of The Witch is the band's third full-length since the release of their debut, Pharaoh Of Gods, in 1999. What appears to have happened during this time is that the band have become huge fans of the corpse paint stylings of Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth. The similarity doesn't end there though as Necronomicon have a sound very similar to Behemoth's latest albums and vocalist Rob 'The Witch' Tremblay also displays some very Shagrath-inspired vocals at some points.
The playing on this album is extremely tight. The kick-drumming is utterly relentless, the bass rumbles along at a steady old pace and the guitars sound dirty but gritty. The sound of this album is very much what you would expect from a well-produced blackened death metal album.
The whole feel of this album is very, very similar to the aforementioned Behemoth, so if you're a fan of the Polish band then you will find a lot to like in Necronomicon. For me although the album is good there's nothing that really sticks in your mind and there's nothing to separate it from the majority of other similar bands. Worth a listen if you're a genre fan, but don't expect a classic.

6 stars

Mike Thompson


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