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On disc: Necronaut

Necronaut - Mike Thompson - 10 stars


(Regain Records - 2010)

Fred Estby will be known to many death metal fans as the former drummer for Dismember and current skin-man for Carnage. On his debut solo album he has managed to assemble a stellar lineup of guest musicians to help him bring this project to fruition, including the likes of Chris Reifert (Autopsy), Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates), Erik Danielsson (Watain) and JB (Grand Magus) and Hellbutcher (Nifelheim) amongst others!
Ok, so we all know that a good lineup of guest musicians doesn't necessarily mean a good album so what does Necronaut offer the discerning metal fan? Well, if you're expecting straight-up death metal you'll be in for a surprise. This album blends many different sounds, from straight up heavy metal to sludgy death metal to create a truly unique listening experience. Imagine Black Sabbath crossed with Vader crossed with Motörhead crossed with Venom crossed with Bathory crossed with Iron Maiden... Hell yeah!
The many different styles of vocals provided by the guest musicians gives each song a distinct character whilst the bassy low end of the album gives you a constant reference and bring the myriad styles together to form a homogeneous 44 minutes of mesmerizing metal unlike any you have heard before. The album starts strongly and each song gets better and better before peaking with the final track, the seven minute Rise Of The Sentinel. I definitely recommend this album to any and all metal fans out there!

10 stars

Mike Thompson


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