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On disc: Nebelhexë

Dead Waters - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

Dead Waters

Dead Waters
(Candlelight Records - 2009)

Nebelhexë is Andrea Haugen, the singer most will know from her project Aghast and the band Hagalaz' Runedance. She was also doing backings for Cradle Of Filth. In 2002 she started to work as Nebelhexë and Dead Waters is her 3rd album. Beside the music she is a writer and novelist - The Ancient Fires Of Midgard. She will also create her own fashion line.
The opener is called Against The Wall and is dark wave track, but a bit too repetitive. At Skindeep Andrea is partly whispering, but the monotonous rhythmic can't create an intense atmosphere... It just seems to get louder.... Digital Sleep is different, the song is a kind of dark ambient version of an 80's British pop tune, but still musically to repetitive - at least for me. With Dead Waters she adds some folk elements, but again there is this British 80's pop appeal combined with a repetitive rhythmic. But at least the folk elements give the song a different direction. Andrea's vocals are more spoken words and for me her vocal performance lacks emotionality. Unfortunately she doesn't change much at the other songs, the backings at Charmed remind me of Enya...
I think it's mainly the music, Nebelhexë uses the same scheme again and again, so the songs don't differ. There are some interesting parts and I think she should hook up with someone to create something more intense, more varying... So far it isn't enough to convince me and not enough the attract a large number of fans. But if this is exactly what she wants to do, she should continue and there will always be a (small) circle of fans.

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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