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On disc: Naughty Boys

- R U Naughty Enough - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

R U Naughty Enough

R U Naughty Enough
( - 2007)

If you think you remember the name, then you are right. The band was founded almost 20 years ago and their debut was released in 1993. The next 10 years no new album were released, coz the band split up a year after the release of the debut. Now they present their 4th album which is called R U Naughty Enough. But to be honest, if I would have seen this CD in a shop, I think I wouldn't give it a try. The cover wouldn't catch my eye and in my opinion it looks a bit cheaper...
Musically the Swedish rockers are interesting for hard rock fans and sleaze rocker. They open up with Only God... And somehow it reminds me of another band, but I can't fathom it... But perhaps it's L.A. Guns... I should listen to them again, but it feels right.. But still there is something more... A bit White Lion-ish.... Anyway, it seems they are still stuck in the late 80's / early 90's, but that's not a bad thing! They sound authentic and it seems they love what they do... At I Will the vocals are distorted at the beginning, but soon you hear Micke Sandvik again without any effects on his voice. On After The Rain they slow down a bit... Acoustic guitars (in the beginning), piano and the vocals sound a bit like Jon Bon Jovi. A power ballad which reminds me more of Poison and Warrant then Bon Jovi. Heavy guitar riffs lead into Stay. But the heavy guitars kinda disappear, even if it gets a bit heavier again. After the opening riffs I'm a bit disappointed of the songs... A pity. Luckily they have a real rocker with Is This Love, even if it has a quite cheesy refrain, but at least the guitar riffs accompany the vocals and add a dash of heaviness. As a piano ballad Learn To Fly starts, but then the band joins in and you get a guitar-based balladesque tune. Nice solo part of guitarist Hasse Olsson. But the song don't give you shivers... Actually I think the rockers are their strong point which they show again at Nothing Can Bring Me Down and Worlds Collide - the later one is clearly Whitesnake influenced.
Well, the Swedish don't offer anything new, but if you liked this music in the late 80's / early 90's, then you should give it a try. If bands like L.A. Guns, White Lion, Poison, etc. never been your faves, then you might find this album a waste of time. If you loved the before mentioned bands, then enjoy the album and have a good time!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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