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On disc: Nasty Savage

- Psycho Psycho - Jörg Petersen - 8 stars

Psycho Psycho

Psycho Psycho
(Metal Blade - 2004)

In the 80's the band of Nasty Ronnie released a few albums and from the beginning they were cult - at least in the underground. Now 15 years after they broke up they return and drag you back into the days of Nasty Savage. Then as well as today they combine thrash, doom and NWoBHM sounds. For Psycho Psycho they re-recorded the demo track Savage Desire. And the songs sounds like the rest of the killer tracks on this album. Quite often reunited bands offer a so-so album, but not Nasty Ronnie! The unique guitar riffing - sometimes Mercyful Fate-like - and the outstanding vocals of Nasty Ronnie create their unique sound. But they don't sound backdated. The track Hell Unleashed is as fast as Penetration Point for the same titled 1989 release, but has some death metal elements.
Listen to Anguish, Savage Desire or the title track Psycho Psycho. What a comeback! Even if this isn't something for the masses, 'old' metalheads will love this one! Thanks for let us travel back in time!

8 stars

Jörg Petersen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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