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On disc: Nasty Idols

Boys Town - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Boys Town

Boys Town
(Metal Heaven - 2009)

Nasty Idols are from Sweden and started back in 1987, but in the 90's they took a lengthy break and returned in 2006. The sleaze rockers were inspired by Hanoi Rocks and early Mötley Crüe it seems, even if they name Kiss, The Sweet and New York Dolls as their influences. Anyway, the now present their new album Boys Town.
The Swedish foursome heads into the album with Rock Out! First you hear a siren, then the guys kick off heavily and they present a catchy up-tempo sleaze rocker. Nasty Idols take you back to the 80's sleaze, but they sound fresh. A bit slower, but with a heavy groove they present the title track - reminds me a bit of L.A. Guns... But I think that's mainly Andy Pierce's vocals at Boys Town... Fat riffs dominate Method To My Madness where the four Nasty Idols speed up a bit, but on the other hand this song is catchy and will hook you up right away! While Scar For Life invites you to sing along. A more balladesque one is Nite Like This. Not bad, but it can't really touch me... After Crashlanding they offer 48 Hours, another up-tempo sleaze rocker, but somehow this one sticks out... it's somehow special... One of the highlights is the fast Evil One - and ear catcher! The closer It Ain't Easy is a semi-acoustic ballad with emotional vocals. And so slowly they let the album fade out.
Nasty Idols present pure sleaze rock and it's obvious that they love this music - and fans of sleaze should welcome the new album! Personally some songs are a bit too repetitive for me... But everybody who is still listening to this style, should check out Boys Town.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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