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On disc: Nashville Pussy

From Hell To Texas -
Live And Loud In Europe
- Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

From Hell To Texas - Live And Loud In Europe

From Hell To Texas - Live And Loud In Europe
(SPV - 2011)

Fans of the band from Atlanta / Georgia will know the album From Hell To Texas, coz it's the studio album they released in 2009, even if the songs got remixed and some new sequences been added. To make it more interesting they add a bonus CD Live And Loud In Europe. The bonus CD contains 16 tracks which were recorded at several concerts in Europe. I wonder a bit why they decided to release an overdone version of From Hell To Texas and add a live album, just last year they released a live album Live In Rennes. Okay, there are only 3 songs which can be found on both live albums, but as Live And Loud In Europe is focusing on From Hell To Texas songs, you get half of the songs from the studio album additionally in a live version. And their hit Fried Chicken And Coffee is missing.

v If you like rock with raspy vocals and don't owe From Hell To Texas then this release will be a good way to start discovering Nashville Pussy. Fans of the American who attended one or the other concert on that tour might enjoy the live album and perhaps even so the new versions. But at the end of the day the fans would have preferred a new studio album. If it was a good move to release the album, I don't know. I guess the band wanted a 'new' release when hitting the road... But still the songs are well played and if one likes the boogie-based, Southern rock, then it's a good purchase.

Track list:

1. From Hell To Texas
2. Drunk Driving Man
3. Ain't Yo Business
4. I'm So High
5. Late Great USA
6. Speed Machine
7. Dead Men Can't Get Drunk
8. Why Why Why
9. Lazy Jesus
10. Stone Cold Down
11. Pray For The Devil
12. Give Me A Hit Before I Go

CD2: (Bonus Live CD 'Live And Loud In Europe')
1. Say Something Nasty - Durango, Spain
2. From Hell To Texas - Prague, Czech Republic
3. Aint Your Business - Bratislava, Slovakia
4. Piece of Ass - Vigo, Spain
5. Come On, Come On, Come On - Prague, Czech Republic
6. Hate and Whiskey - Prague, Czech Republic
7. Late Great USA - Prague, Czech Republic
8. I'm So High - Ris Orangis, France
9. Struttin Cock - Weinheim, Germany
10. Snake Eyes - Deventer, Netherlands
11. I'm the Man - Deventer, Netherlands
12. Why Why Why - Deventer, Netherlands
13. The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out - Vigo, Spain
14. Drunk Drivin' Man - Bratislava, Slovakia
15. Go Motherfucker Go - Deventer, Netherlands
16. Goin' Down - Bratislava, Slovakia

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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