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On disc: N.A.O.P.

- Full Contact - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Full Contact

Full Contact
(Diehard Music - 1999)

After 13 years the Dutch hard-core quintet N.A.O.P. (Noisy Act Of Protest) released Full Contact. Different members came and left, only Boozy and Sham kept their dream alive. Their aim is to play music and have fun! In the past they played e.g. with D.R.I. and G.B.H.! Bands which are their heroes and that make it worth for them to go one. Now they released Full Contact which is their own style of hardcore, they don't like bands which try to jump on the bandwagon and copycat R.A.T.M. and similar acts. The 13 years of struggling and playing small clubs made them a team. Producer Tue Madsen (Grope) helped N.A.O.P. to record their hardcore they way they sound live. For them and their fans in Holland it's "hardcore the way it was meant to be"!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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