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On disc: Nails

Nails / Skin Like Iron - split EP - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars

Nails / Skin Like Iron - split EP

Nails / Skin Like Iron - split EP
((self-released - 2012))

A split EP with two experienced hardcore bands from USA making a cooperation with two songs each on this small release. Skin Like Iron comes out with the better result of those two bands, Disappear has a melodic and intense drumming sound and the way they build up the song is very good. The Parade is the second track where the guitars are in great focus, also completely hardcore to the bone.

Nails delivers two songs, the first is Annihilation where the thrash metal sound is clear and aggressive, deep and fast metal that is perfect for real thrash metal fans. Cry Wolf is fast aggressive metal, but too short to make a real impression.

It is OK to release two songs, at least you can get a fingertip hint of what is coming from them in the future.

Skin Like Iron deserves 7 of 10 stars
Nails deserves 4 of 10 stars, so a shared grade of the EP is 6/10

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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