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On the studio: Lethargy

- Lethargy - Nov. 2010 - somewhere in Wales... (GB) -

© Lethargy

- Lethargy - November 2010 - somewhere in Wales...

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water...

Highly praised Welsh rockers Lethargy may have been quiet of late but it's all for a very good reason. Like a sleeping giant they've been lying low, regrouping and making plans for a return to the front line early in 2011. Top of the to-do list is to complete a new studio album, their second for Grind That Axe / Powerage Records, the Classic Rock / Plastic Head backed record label that has over the last year or so has been trailblazing a revered path back to the sort of quality rock that we once all took for granted.

Ensconced in the fairy-like middle earth environment of Mwnci (pronounced mun-key) studios, a residential operation, lying in the beautiful hills and valleys of Pembrokeshire, the band have just completed basic tracks for what promises to be a knock-out blow.

"The last album was pretty dark," admits front man Andrew Hunt with a smirk. "I think we’ve come out the other side older and wiser. We've grown up as songwriters and musicians that's for sure. The early period was us learning our trade. Right now we're much more focused on what this band is all about and where we’re heading."

Not that the band have gone all gooey eyed and emo centric, far from it. Lethargy's trademark riffs are fully in focus, weightier than ever and leaving no stone unturned in the quest for the ultimate riff. Imagine Toni Iomi joining Alice In Chains on stage for a choice set of Kings X covers and you'll get the picture.

"It's very melodic," continues Andrew. "It's very melodic but still full of substance. The songs are hookier and catchier and the lyrics are less doom and gloom. We've adopted a more optimistic outlook and there are some very personal things which have inspired us too. Don’t get me wrong there are dark elements but the overall vibe is far easier on the soul."

Helping to drive this resurgence of creative fire power is renowned producer Will Maya (The Answer, Panic Cell, Breed 77) who has been drafted in to oversee the recordings. Last time around the band were thrown in the deep end with flamboyant American producer David Prater, chief architect of some of Dream Theater's most impressive work.

"Will's approach is very different from David," explains Andrew. "He's been a supporter of the band for a long time and has been keen to work with us, so we decided to try it and its working out fantastically. His work ethic is tremendous and the vibe couldn't be better."

The band will spend the rest of November conjuring up lethal guitar overdubs and laying down soulful vocals at Neath's up and coming Boneyard Studios with mixing scheduled for December in Madrid. The album, as yet untitled, is scheduled for release in April 2011, hot on the heels of the first Powerage package tour (details to follow).

The heat, as they say, is most definitely on.

LETHARGY are still...

Andy Hunt – Guitar, vocals
Phil Humphreys – Guitar, vocals
Marc T Jones – Bass, vocals
Gareth Hunt - Drums

Thanks to Powerage Records & Lethargy for this studio report!


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