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In Words: Luley

- Klaus Luley - May 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Klaus Luley
© Klaus Luley

Klaus Luley - May 9th 2012 (by email)

Fans of Tokyo and/or Craaft will know singer Klaus Luley, now Klaus Luley has a solo album out. So let's talk about Today's Tomorrow!

It's been a long time since you presented an album, when did you first thought about doing a solo album?

Hi Claudia!

I admit honestly that after the end of Craaft I did not believed any longer in the music business and no longer in myself. I was in doubt with everything, had no more ideas. A big depression came over me. But after some time I started writing songs again. With the help from my friend Theo Werdin, who was just returned back to Germany after he worked for seven years in New York City. He always advised me again and again to start writing songs again and to play guitar again, to do, what I could do best. He was right, and the more I composed, the more my depression disappeared. And by the way, I learned in that time how to record digitally my new musical ideas immediately in a good quality. Meanwhile it was the year 2006. My taste in music didn't change over the years.

In the meantime all former band members had new professions, their own companies, about 20 years had passed! Franz and Reinhard had no time for such a new venture. And therefore I decided to organize my own music project. As I said, 20 years had passed.
One day the producer and musician Michael Voss called me and asked me, if I would send him a few of my new compositions. About one and a half year later we started the production Today's Tomorrow.

Have the songs been written over a longer period of time? Or has the majority been written more recently?

Most of the song material has been written by me in the last 20 years. Only three songs I wrote in recent times for the new album. Still Got A Long Way To Go, Living In The Night and Higher.

Why did you hook up with Matthias Rethmann and Chris Elbers? Did you work with them before?

No, I've not worked together yet with the two guys, but Michael Voss already had worked with them and he knew their qualities. We asked Matthias and Chris if they would be interested in making a great studio job and they said yes!!!

Why did you choose Michael Voss as producer?

Because he had chosen me, my music, and he gave me the chance for a new record release.

How long did the recordings take?

A total of three months.

Why the title Today's Tomorrow?

That was an idea by Michael Voss and it was very suitable for me, because it is just how I live. Today is for me already tomorrow.

Was it your idea to re-record Tokyo? Or was it a suggestion?

Michael had the idea and I love it. The melody of Tokyo always has the effect of itchy feed to me. Somehow magically, I can't explain.

Which song(s) would you like to do a video for?

Living In The Night actually tells the story of my life.

Any chance you rock the stage?

I would incredibly be happy to come back on stage presenting this super songs live. But a live tour includes a great financial aspect. So it also depends on the turnover of the CD.

YesterRock just re-released Craaft's Second Honeymoon. The re-release has 3 bonus tracks, demo track from 1987. Are there more left overs?

Yes, there is a track I'm just working on it. It will be most likely on my second solo CD.

YesterRock also (re-)released the Tokyo albums, are you glad they are now available on CD?

Sure, no question, that's great!

Did feel an effect of the releases? That there is more interest in you?

One has nothing to do with the other, but I think, that is a great advertisement for my solo CD.

The music biz changed a lot, partly due to internet.... How important is internet for you? For your work?

I think the internet is a large and important medium. And of course I'm goin’ to use the Internet for my music.

You did the music for commercials and studio jobs... What do you like about that work?

That I may be still creative and at the same time expanding my musical level, my ken. And ultimately also, because of the nice money that you earn doing studio jobs.

I know that I can learn with each musical action, this is very important for me.
The most studio jobs I did for my good friend and music producer Theo Werdin, who had a few big hits in the 80s. In Germany for ex with the artist Hubert Kah, the song Sternenhimmel – means 'sky full of stars'. The UK version was called Scary Monster. In ex-Yugoslavia he had no.1 hit with the great heavy metal band Divlje Jagode. With help from Theo I learned very much, regarding perfection an the soul of music productions.

What are your plans for the 2nd half of 2012? 2013?

I fit it goes well, I would like to work on a second solo album definitely and I'm already very busy working on new song material.

Best regards
Yours Klaus Luley

And don't forget: Today's Tomorrow!

Good to know that Mr. Luley is working on another solo album! Looking forward to hear more from Klaus Luley.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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