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In Words: Lost Souls In Desert

- Phil - Aug. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Lost Souls In Desert
© Lost Souls In Desert

Phil - August, 30th 2009 (by email)

Lost Souls In Desert is a German rock band which tries to stand their ground and show that German bands can rock, too. Singer and guitarist Phil was so kind to answer my questions.

As far as I know Lost Souls In Desert kinda arose from the ashes of several bands... Friends who decided to start something together. Is that right? Can you tell us a bit more about the beginning?

Yes, that's right. In times before LO.S.I.D. everyone of us played in several bands. But nothing stays forever! After a longer break, without music, the rest of this big community was up for start up new. That's why we met for a little jam. So we saw that could be a cool rock’n roll family… LO.S.I.D. was born!

Why did you choose the name? Is there any story to tell?

Oh, this is a longer story to tell, sorry. But just for, the short version, we were drunk!!!

Two years after a promotional CD you did record Rise. I have no information about the promo CD, so did some of the songs make it onto Rise?

Yes, there's only one song which is not on the album. This song's called My Soul, but we have a live-version on myspace ( Except My Soul we did Reason Inside, Just A Little More and Why on it.

In your former bands you pursued different musical genres... Which bands influenced you when you started making music? And which are influencial today?

Mmhh, this is a really delicate question, I think. Cause everyone of us had played in different bands, I really can't tell. But today I can say, we are really impressed by bands like Foo Fighters, Nickelback or Stone Sour. The evergreens, without any disbelief, are Kyuss or Soundgarden.

Lyrically you deal mainly with relationships... Inspired by what happens in your life and around you?

That's right, but the stuff is not only about our lifes. Everyone can put into its own situation. For example, somebody's sad when his beloved football club is not playing champions league in the upcoming year. Crazy... hä!?

Music is not just a hobby for you... Also in 'real' life you are linked to the music... Please tell us, what you're doing when you aren't busy with Lo.S.I.D.!

Yes, LO.S.I.D. is not our main business, but music's controlling our life. So Marc and me (Phil) are audio engineers and owner of a recording studio. Dirk is teaching guitar and coaching young bands. Our new drummer Jürgen is doing the same job as Dirk, but not with guitars, he is a professional drummer. Sort of like Andy, our first drummer and founding member, he also was a drum teacher, but now he doesn't have enough time for the band, pity!

Do you see yourself more as a rock band? Or do you feel as a part of the metal scene?

No, we are a rock band! Maybe sometimes you can hear a bit metal inside our sound, but actually we are a rock band, I think.

What about playing live? Any chances to catch you on stage?

To get live shows is really hard stuff. We're not having a booking agency, that's the reason why we only have few shows. But we're working on it.

The album is out for about a year, so... Have you already written new songs?

Really, yes! At the moment we're writing new songs for our second album. We hope that will be finished at the end of this year. We should, cause the label wants some new stuff for a release at the beginning of next year. We feel a little pressure!

Any idea when you will record some new stuff?

We will start the new studio session this fall. Cause we need a new album as soon as possible, that the people don't forget LO.S.I.D.!

What's on your schedule for the rest of 2009?

We will play some shows, those were booked and fixed. But the mainly work will be the new album, this will be hard enough. By the way we will take a look for gigs around the release date, to promote our new stuff with cool live shows, that's what we like and can, cause we're a live band!!!

So, visit their virtual home, check for shows and go to see them live, if they play somewhere around. Rock music is best live, so give them a chance!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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