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In Words: Lizzy Borden

- Lizzy Borden - February 2000 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Lizzy Borden live 2000
Claudia Ehrhardt

Lizzy Borden (by email) - February 2000

I remember Lizzy Borden from the time they started and I always liked the band. When I heard last year that they will be at the Bang-Your-Head festival, I was really looking forward. I talked to Horst Odermatt to help me getting an interview. I talked to Lizzy Borden and we made an appointment, but missed each other! So I mailed him and ask if we can do it by email and here we go......

I think many metal fans don't remember your history. Please give a short review and tell us why you choose the name Lizzy Borden. Just for the metal youngsters!

(Lizzy Borden bio)

  • 6 albums and sellout tours across the U.S., Canada, Europe, the U.K. and Japan
  • Hitting the 'Top 100' 4 times in the U.S.
  • Hitting #1 on CMJ (radio) (Me Against The World)
  • Consistently 'Top 5' on metal radio
  • Performing in 4 video's in rotation on MTV and the playboy channel
  • Hosting the Headbangers Ball, (MTV-U.S., appearing on MTV-Canada, -England, -Germany and Japan)
  • Performing (live) in the movie (The Decline Of The Western Civilization Part 2). Appearing on the (Decline) sound track
  • Appearing on the movie (Black Roses) sound track
  • Releasing a double live album, revered in (Billboard magazine)
  • Performing in a full length live video (Lizzy Borden Live) recently released on DVD
  • Special guest to Alice Cooper at the Reading Festival in London, (50,000) people...
  • #2 on the P.M.R.C. hit list as the most dangerous band in the world.
  • Guest on the Jesse Jackson Show (pilot episode)
  • Guest on CNN
  • Appearing in and on the cover of magazine's such as (Circus, Hit Parader, Metal Edge, The Star, Creem, Burn, Metal Hammer and countless others...)

After years of doing a Howard Hughes disappearance, 80's metal madman Lizzy Borden has resurfaced and signed a new deal with his old label Metal Blade Records.
Metal Blade had a signing party for Lizzy and his boys at the Hilton hotel, and in true rock'n'roll form, promptly turned a Hilton penthouse into a disaster area, causing over 5,000 dollars in damage. (And yes, the television did go out the window). It was just years of pent up madness! Lizzy said after the des;truction. Brian Slagel, CEO of Metal Blade was not happy after receiving the bill, and also not surprised.

Lizzy Borden escapes from a German airport, nearly getting arrested for trying to bring a bag full of bloody props (including his world famous axe) on to the airplane. He was detained by the German police for what they thought was a possible murder. Things we're finely cleared up when they found out he indeed played (the Bang-Your-Head festival) the night before, and the blood dripping items turned out to be stage blood. He was released (without his bloody axe) when he promised not to come back to Germany anytime soon.

The new Lizzy Borden record is called Deal With The Devil and will be out in 2000.

Many younger fans don't know Lizzy Borden. Are there any play for a special release to introduce Lizzy Borden

There was a best of re-leased in 1994, but I think the new record will speak for it self.

How you came up with the idea for the reunion?

I don't look at it as a re-union, to me I'm just picking up from where I left off. In '92.

Have there been letters / emails from fans who demand a reunion? Did fans wrote through all those years?

We are and have been the most re;quested band on Metal Blade even all through the 90's when we we're not active.

What happened in the past years?

I took a break from metal and did something a little different; I put together a glitter rock band called Diamond Dogs.

When you look back, do you think you made the right decisions? Or would you do some things different now?

I had to wait until technology caught up with the way I wanted to record. I have to keep making better records or its no fun for me, so the wait was worth it. I wrote a lot of songs during that time and I'm having a ball in my studio recording them all.

How was the Bang-Your-Head open-air for you?

It was great to be back in Germany and to be playing live again we had a great time and we hope to make a habit of it.

What did you expect from the appearance at this festival?

I knew it would be a heavy metal crowd so half the battle was won, but we had to win them over and I was not going to leave until we did.

Do you think the media saw your reunion positively? Through the amount of reunions many are tired of it! What about the fans? Any reactions yet?

Like I said before this is not a reunion.

Are you satisfied with the fan reaction at the Bang-Your-Head??

Yes, especially since it was a very young crowd and I think the majority of them did not even know one of our songs. So based on that I think we did good.

You signed with Metal Blade Records. Why? From other bands I heard that they have problems with the label.

Well, Metal Blade has always been our label, it's a place we're I can do anything I want. I have total freedom. I'm not sure I would get that from other labels.

Will you bring your back-cata­logue in the stores again? The albums are available, but not easy to get.

When the new record comes out the stores should order some of the old ones as well, if not you can always order them on the internet.

I guess, you are in the writing process. What can we expect? Same old stuff? Or classy Lizzy Borden with nowadays sound?

Every record that I have done has been different then the last. So, I'm not sure if you can even say 'same old stuff' about Lizzy Borden because the records change all the time.

Shows: Your live show always been something special. Many visual effects. At the moment you're not in the position to do a headlining tour. What can we expect from Lizzy Borden as support?

Our headline show is usually a big production. our support slot show is only about 45 minutes. so I have to put the show together a little differently. It's usually more energetic and less dramatic.

Are there any touring plans?

We hope to tour all of Europe this time and the U.S. for the Deal With The Devil-tour.

Which band you would like to tour with?

In Germany we would love to open for Manowar, in the States I hope to get a cool heavy metal package together.

Do you think about asking the fans at the web what songs they want to hear live?

I already know what they want, but I have to always play some of the new record, that is what I'm doing on the road in the first place. But I I'm planning to play all the old favs and a few new ones.

How you write the lyrics? What influences you? From your lyrics it seems that you live in your own world. Do you see yourself more as a dreamer or realist?

I am a little of both I like to write out real things that are fantasy based.

The songs most metal fan remember is Me Against The World. Do you see or saw yourself that way?

Oh yeah, that's my theme song. I live and breath it.

Will there be a video of Lizzy Borden? That would bring your show to everyone in the world, even to countries where you can't tour!

We did a live show in 1984 that just got released on DVD, it's called The Murderess Metal Road Show. It's out now. We plan on recording and filming the new show from the new tour.

How are the media reactions so far?

So far they've been great. Live music is coming back in a big way and I'm just the guy to be a part of it.

Do you think the media reactions helped you in the past? Or do you think Lizzy Borden could have made it, if they would had more support by magazines, etc.?

I have been no stranger to negative press, but since I always new first hand who was writing it and what kind a people they we're it never phased me to much.

What do you thing is the reason why Lizzy Borden didn't make it? And why you didn't stayed in business through all these years?

Well heavy metal took a nose dive in the 90's I stayed out there as long as I could until the middle of '92, but I need to do things right or not do them at all. That's the kind of person I am.

What do you think about bootlegs in general? What about MP3?

I think it might be good for rap music, with heavy metal it's a visual thing it's more Than just the music.

Are their any plans for the future?

There are so many things in the future for Lizzy Borden that I could not name them all here. The next five or six years will be a very busy time for us.

So I hope to see the band here in Europe soon. For the ones who missed the guys at last years Bang-Your-Head, they return for a few festivals this summer. And it seems that they have planned a lot..... Lizzy Borden will surprise us again......... It's just wait and see what's coming next from the Master In Disguise......

Claudia Ehrhardt


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