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In Words: Lionsheart

- Steve Grimmett & Graham Colett - April 1995 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Lionsheart: Steve Grimmett - live 1995
Claudia Ehrhardt

Steve Grimmett & Graham Colett - Augsburg (Germany), April, 2nd 1995

In Augsburg I could talk to Steve Grimmett and Graham Colett. Steve is known by his work with Grim Reaper and Onslaught in the 80's. Grim Reaper been very successful in the U.S.A. and Lionsheart are successful in Japan in these days. But Steve and the rest of the bunch are still waiting for major success. "It seems that we are always waiting for something" Steve told me. "Most times it depends on the label, we recorded the Pride In Tact album in February 1994, but it been released in late fall. We wait and wait and wait." But first a little bit about the past. "Onslaught been history and I looked for something new. I liked what the twins (Mark and Steve Owers) make, it was the kind of music I like and so I joined them. After a while we been on tour and we got problems, so we fired them. In that days Zak Bajjon had join us. We been on tour and need a new guitarist and drummer. Nick Burr life in my neighbourhood and I ask him to help us for the rest of the tour. But he was perfect and became a member. At least we found Michael John O'Brien". "We are an unit, we all want the same and we are willing to work hard for it" Graham said. "Sadly we didn't get the support we need from our record label. They haven't promote us very well." Steve told me. "Next time we take more control about our business". Lionsheart luckily can take care of their business on their own in every country the label didn't have a deal for them. Steve and his boys are trying to make it their own. Their music ain't hip in these days, but the underground scene appreciate bands like Lionsheart. The companies didn't believe in this kind of music. "Our label now learns to support us. The music changes, thrash and grunge are out, the traditional British rock is back." Steve says, he believes that their time is coming. Three members of the band are producing, but on their own album they worked with Steve Harris (not the one of Iron Maiden). "We worked with Steve, 'cause without a producer outside of the band we wouldn't be successful. You need someone telling you what to do, when you loose control. Perhaps we later will producer us ourselves" Steve explained. The band will start writing new material after they supported Tyketto and return into the studio soon. Hope this time they can catch their live power.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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