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In Words: Lillian Axe

- Steve Blaze - July 2010 - Jody Hickman -

Lillian Axe: Steve Blaze
© Lillian Axe

Steve Blaze - July 1st 2010 (by email)

Lately Lillian Axe announced that singer Derrick LeFevre leaves the band. And just a few days later the new Lillian Axe singer was presented - Ronny Munroe. A good reason for Jody Hickman to contact guitarist Steve Blaze to get a few answers!

First, for the long time Lillian Axe fans, once the decision to let Derrick go was made, was there any consideration to bringing Ron Taylor back?

We thought about Ron for a second but his situation is the same. He really doesn't want to go back out on the road and do this 100%.

There were some long time fans who had a hard time accepting Derrick, even though he has a remarkably similar voice to Ron. Do you worry fans will have an even harder time accepting a different voice in Ronny Munroe?

I think lots of fans will love it right away and a lot will be cautious on their thoughts. All we know is that it will be good whether its a little different or not. Ronny is a great singer and will add his own flair to the sound of Lillian.

Over the years, Lillian Axe has evolved into a heavier, more a progressive band from its 80s hair band beginnings. Is the addition of Ronny another step in that direction?

The progression of the band will always exist regardless of the members. However, I believe that Ronny's emergence as singer will make it that much more powerful and unique.

Did a song like Always from his Internal Quest Demo convince you he could do a good job with some of the older songs like Dream Of A Lifetime?

Never heard those demos.

When a band brings in an established singer, they are sometimes allowed to bring in part of their past. Van Halen did Sammy Hagar songs when he was in the band. Warrant did a Black'n'Blue song when Jamie St. James was in the band. Could we hear something from Ronny's solo album, The Fire Within, once Ronny joins in August?

Probably not, because still has that solo project going and his solo band.

A bit of a Lillian Axe reunion happens in Houston next month when Logan, featuring former Lillian Axe singer Johnny Vines, is one of the openers. Is there any chance of having him joining you on stage?

Very possible. Johnny sang Misery Loves Company last month when we were inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. It was great to see him again and he did a great job. Johnny is a wonderful person.

Thanks so much!

Jody Hickman


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