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In Words: Chris Laney

- Chris Laney - Apr. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Chris Laney
© Chris Laney

Chris Laney - April 13th 2009 (by email)

Chris Laney is presenting his first solo album and to learn a bit more about the man behind the music, I sent over some questions. Enjoy reading!

You started playing in a band quite early. Which instrument you learnt first?

Yeah, I started playing at the age of 6. I got a set of drums... Oh man did I punish those skins. ;)

And was it due to the support of your parents that you learnt to play more instruments?

Nah, more of my own vice… I HAVE to learn how to master an instrument, if I get one in sight. lol

The guitar is your favorite instrument, but beside all the instruments you can play, is there one you still would like to play?

I play (good enough) guitar, piano, bass, drums, accordion, harmonica and I sing. I also play some flute. The one instrument I would love to learn is the violin.

What age did you start writing songs?

My first song that got recorded was a song I wrote at the age of 12. It was a Swedish Dansband recording it... Pretty cool, but a horrible song!!

Does the way you write songs changed through the years?

Oh yeah. Now I have my tricks. Hahahaha

Or differs when you write for others?

It sure do... I mean, If I write for a pop artist I need to know what genre, style and production they are after. If I write for myself I do it by heart.

You worked as a producer at Polar Studios. How did you get into producing?

I still work at Polar Studios. :-) I happened to get into producing when I was in a band called Seventeen. We were produced by Göran Elmquist.... I was like a monkey on his back. He took his time answering my questions. He is the one responsible for my interest.

And which production was the one you were most excited about doing there?

That is tough... everyone has its charm, but of course my own album Pure was lots of fun to make… expand my senses in doing dumb ass things in the studio, using gear I normally don't use etc.

You have your own studio now... How much did that change your life?

A LOT!! It is amazing to work with music 24/7... I love my job!

Let's talk about Pure! Its a very strong debut album, but as this isn't your first album people might have expectations... I guess, you already got some feedback... Are you satisfied?

Thanx!!!!!!!!!! It is my first solo effort, but I get your point.
Well... First of all, I think the Animal fans thinks it is too mellow... But hey, this ain't Animal this is ME! I am a man of different moods… this time it became a kick ass album, next might be metal, who knows? It has to do with what phase in life you are in while writing.
The media seem to love it... Some magazines (often called metal-something) in Germany are a little grumpy and think it isn't metal enough... But hey, if it is good, it's good no matter style.?! I love it, I am proud and satisfied, so let's make a new one NOW! lol

Skin On Skin is showing a different facet... And I guess some find is too cheesy... For me its a bit too bombastic... I think you expected to get mixed reactions for that one... Is the song somehow special to you?

It is special and I am glad you are honest! That song I have had for some time and I love it. It is my homage to Queen. I had so much fun doing it... I sang background vocals for more than 6 hours! Hahaha
The Darkness would laugh, if they hear it! Music needs to be fun, if not, I get bored. That is a fun song in my ears and I love it. ;)

Have some songs been left over... Do you might use them one day? Or have you thrashed them?

There is a few. I wrote a song called Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde which Ian Haugland and Mic Michaeli from Europe were to play on. But their schedule and mine collided, so it never got recorded properly. It is a GREAT song and I still will release it someday. A matter of fact, Ian said he is free to do the drums now, so we might record it sooner that you think. There is a few more that didn't make it. Not because they are not good enough, more because other songs suited the album better.

I Dunno has Def Leppard written allover it! Have the Sheffield boys been a great inspiration for you through the years?

Yeah, I Love Def Leppard. But in my ears I Dunno is Warrant. ;)
Hell, everything goes. It is a fun song, not too unusual, but pop a beer and I promise you will rock to it.

When listening to I Hate Yer Guts it seems that this is a kind of self-therapy... Is making music keeping you in balance?

Yes, it does, music is my asylum.

A kind of healthy addiction?

Absolutely!!! Without it I would go insane.

Any other addictions?

My kids and snus (Swedish tobacco), can’t live without it. And ... I'm a WORKAHOLIC!

You said in an interview that all and everything can trigger off an idea... A movie, a book, even food... So I think it's not the fast food which inspires you... Do you enjoy cooking? Perhaps as a way to relax from studio work...

I am originally a chef, so yes, I LOVE to cook. Come to Sweden and I will cook you something you never will forget. ;)
The guys in Candlemass calls me every now and then asking for recipes and stuff whenever they are about to cook. Hahahaha! I am like a kinder egg, 3-in-1!

How important is you family to keep you rooted while working in this crazy business?

I owe them everything... Without their endless support and love and patience I would not be able to do what I am doing, not a chance... Love em! :-)

You played live shows with some tribute bands... And I guess you enjoy being on stage... If you would get the chance to, would you go on tour with your solo stuff?

I am about to!!!!

And who would you like to have in your band?

I have a great band… guys that are young and hungry! The guys are about 21 years old... Cool and so talented. They are from the Swedish bands Dynazty and Babylon Bombs.

You had Bruce Kulick as a co-writer. Will you work together again?

I really hope so!! We are great friends and we have been talking about working more so time will tell!

About working together... As a producer you already get a Swedish grammy... But is there some producer you would like to work with? To learn from?

MUTT LANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which music related dream is still unfulfilled?

To work with Paul Stanley and to produce the re-union disc with Shotgun Messiah. ;)

What else is on your schedule for 2009?

A lot!!! Tour, studio work and hopefully a new studio album!


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It would be cool to see him on tour and I hope that there is enough interest to bring him on tour. But if not this time, then with his next album... I have no doubt that it will take long til we hear from him again!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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