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In Words: Lake Of Tears

- Daniel Brennar - Aug. 2004 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Daniel Brennare - August, 11th 2004 (by phone)

It was a nice surprise when I heard that there will be a new album of Lake Of Tears. In the mid-90's I met the band a couple of times and also did some interviews for the radio show I did at the public access channel at a time. So I was looking forward to talk to mastermind Daniel Brennare again. "We had no intention to start-up again. We were ready to start other things. We came together and after awhile we decided to play again. To try out. So we got some equip­ment. Jammed with friends and soon the songs came back. But that was just for fun. We all have families and jobs, so it took awhile to decide to continue. To decide to record again. We continued playing and it felt good!" Daniel told me. The usual way is to do demos and to go shopping for a deal... "We did no demos! We contacted some guys and discussed for example with a guy from Noise Records the idea to record an album again. It felt right. They were interested in releasing a Lake Of Tears album, so..." In the past they recorded in a studio which was in their neighborhood, this time they recorded at Studio Mega. "The studio we had in our neighborhood moved. Also we wanted to try something new. It was a good decision. This time it took longer to record it, but we now all have families and jobs. We have to arrange all this." In the background I could hear some little kid, seems that he has to manage to do interviews and mind his kid at the same time. They got more mature, also their music developed. "We got back together again and wanted to do things which felt good to us. This one is dark - the music and the cover - it has to do something with our roots, I guess. We listened to a lot of death metal stuff when we started first. But we had no intentions to get placed into a special genre. All is based on guitar riffs, but gets away a little from metal. We developed away from what we did in the past and we realize that it's hard to label our music." I wanted to know why they called the album BlackBrickRoad. "To find titles is often very difficult and sometimes they just pop-up. We felt that the song and the title would fit good. It felt good to us, suited us. So that was it." Daniel is aware that these days are so many bands - good and bad - and that people might get fed up... For him it's sometimes too much and he thinks fans feel the same. "We don't know what to expect. It felt right to us and we wanted to give it a try. Now we have to wait and see. So far we good a quite good response from the media and hopefully the fans will see it the same way." If the fans will like the album then there will be a tour... These days it's necessary to tour and promote an album live. "We never really been a live band. We are always a little nervous before we go on tour, on stage. Many think about their image... We never did that. We never fit into any kind of image, I guess..." Daniel explained. "We discuss to tour, but there are no details yet. Some suggestions, but... We play at Summer Breeze, that's what is confirmed. These days playing live is totally different. We never been keen on touring, but when we were on the road it felt good. There will be some shows, some touring..." It would be a dream come true for Daniel, if they could tour with Pink Floyd, even if there won't be a chance... It's just a dream like touring with Metallica. That would be bands he would watch every night. Uriah Heep he would pick also, if it would be up to him. "But we are not so much into the business stuff." But they can't completely avoid the business. At least they have to deal with their label. "Right, with Noise Records it's different. They are really nice. Even talking with them is on a totally different level compared with our old label. We feel happy! Work can be fun everyday, but usually it isn't, but it has to give you something. It should kinda reward you. For us the appreciation the fans have for our music is more worth then money! It gives us energy and make life a little better!" This statement makes the Swedish even more sympathetic. Lake Of Tears always been down to Earth and even if the album should make them big, they will stay the way they are. Just a bunch of guys who could live next door to you.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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