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On stage: Lillian Axe

- Bang-Your-Head - June 2004 - Balingen (D) -
- Lillian Axe - Jan. 2010 - Houston, TX (USA) -

- Lillian Axe - January 23rd, 2010 - Houston TX, (USA), The Meridian -

Lillian Axe - live in Houston

Lillian Axe - live in Houston

Lillian Axe - live in Houston

Lillian Axe - live in Houston

Pics: © Dana Shelton

It was billed as Texas Metal Fest 2010, but it should've been called A Bunch of Death Metal and Lillian Axe. Why Lillian Axe was on this bill is a mystery. I guess they needed to sell more tickets. With Vital Remains and Lillian Axe billed as co-headliners, I figured there would be a variety of musical styles among the 20 or so bands. I was wrong. The show was scheduled to start at noon with Lillian Axe the next to last to go on at 10:30 PM. I got there about 5:00 PM, so I had to endure over 6 hours of music that I'm not a fan of, no offense to fans of that genre. So about 11:45 PM, Lillian Axe finally hit the stage. Being slotted between Pinhed and Vital Remains, there were a few hecklers in the crowd, but Lillian Axe drew enough of their fans that it wasn't an issue. This was my 6th time to see them, and frankly, they never sounded better. Maybe it was the contrast between them and the hours of gutteral vocals before. Their set list was a little heavier than usual, skipping favorites like Show A Lil Love and True Believer. Still, the band was tight, active, and sounded great. They probably didn't win over any Vital Remains fans, but their fans left happy.
Lillian Axe are: Guitarists Steve Blaze & Sam Poitevent, singer Derrick LeFevre, bassist Eric Morris and drummer Ken Koudelka.

Set List:

Deep Freeze
The Grand Scale of Finality
Waters Rising
Those Who Prey
Jesus Wept
Ghost of Winter
Naitional Anthem
Alls Fair in Love and War
Misery Loves Company

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