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On stage: Leaves Eyes

- Leaves Eyes - July 2005 - Bochum (D) -
- Kamelot & Leaves Eyes - April 2007 - Antwerp (B) -
- Leaves' Eyes, Atrocity, Sirenia, Elis & Stream Of Passion - Nov. 2009 - Leipzig (D) -
- Kamelot, Leaves' Eyes & Adagio - April 2010 - Dortmund (D) -

- Leaves' Eyes, Atrocity, Sirenia, Elis & Stream Of Passion -
- November, 21st 2009 - Leipzig (D), Hellraiser -

Luckily this one was on the weekend, so I headed over to Leipzig to see The Beauty And The Beast Tour. Leaves' Eyes and Atrocity invited Elis, Stream Of Passion and Sirenia to join them on their trip through Europe.
The show started at about 7:30 PM and Stream Of Passion should be the first one to enter the stage. The Dutch band unfortunately had some sound problems... Actually the drums were too dominant and Marcela's vocals almost drowned.... And they had only 30 minutes stage time. A pity. Hope to see them again - with a better balanced sound and more stage time!
Next in line were Elis. The sound haven't got any better, but Elis did a good show. They are a bit more powerful and with songs like Der letzte Tag and Firefly they enchanted the fans. they also had just 30 minutes. I don't get it why to bring a 5-band-package on tour? The bands don't have enough time to present themselves and usually the first bands have to suffer due to a bad sound.
Another 30 minute slot for Norwegian band Sirenia. The band was in a good mood, even if their sound wasn't any better. The keyboard and choir came from tape, but were barely audible. Ailyn's vocals also drowned in drums and guitar, so only Morten's growls were keeping up. The people liked it anyway, they came to have a good time, but I almost regretted the trip....
Time for Atrocity to play. If mainman Alex Krull and Liv Kristin wouldn't be married, this family trip might not have happened... Musically Atrocity offer something different and this time they were out again to play hits of the 80's in a metallic sound. The song were known and so many sang along. Between the songs there was time to talk to the audiences, especially as their new drummer thrashed 3 snare drums! After 45 minutes of 80's hits and 2 girls dressed in leather & lace it was over.
The change over the band needed to refresh and adjust to the Leaves' Eyes show. And so Liv Krisine and her band - actually Atrocity - presented songs from their last album Njord, but also some older tunes. But even on CD the scheme of their music is starting to get boring... And live it was kinda the same. Even if Liv Kristine is very nice and talks to the audience her stage acting is a bit static... Only Alex Krull is going crazy on stage and so entertained the people. The calm, acoustic Irish Rain created a nice atmosphere and even Liv' vocals could shine! I saw them before, but then they were supporting and with the short stage time it did work for Leaves' Eyes, but for a headliner show the songs are too much alike and the stage presents just lacks something to cheer you up... Sorry, but if you do another package like that, I won't be there to witness.

Katja Müller
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Leaves' Eyes - July, 8th 2005 - Bochum (D), Bochum Total

The night before I was in Paderborn to see Overkill one more time and so I decided to go to Bochum late and to see only the headliner on the Schattenreich stage - Leaves' Eyes. I haven't seen Liv Kristine on stage for years, so I just knew her singing Theatre Of Tragedy songs. With Theatre Of Tragedy Liv Kristine made a lot of fans in the gothic metal scene and these fans impatiently waited for some news from Ms. Espenaes Krull which came in 2004 as Lovelorn. Her backing band are the members of Atrocity which is no surprise, coz Liv Kristine moved to Germany years ago and married Atrocity frontman Alex Krull. Even if Vinland Saga - her second album as Leaves' Eyes - is out for a few weeks the blonde singer decided to play mainly songs from Lovelorn - well, almost all songs been played. The variety spans from heavy gothic metal to lovely balladesque tunes like the beautiful ballad Leaves Eyes. Elegy was released previous to Vinland Saga as a single and so more fans knew this one and sang along. With The Thorns and Solemn Sea they played some heavier tunes from the current album. Liv Kristine was right when she preferred Lovelorn songs, coz Vinland Saga will need some time to catch up. The band sounded extremely tight and the guest performances of Alex Krull put some edge on the heavier ones. The personal magnetism of the blonde angel enchanted everybody in her vicinity. Some fans were overwhelmed that she recognized them standing again up front. Between the songs she was talking in perfect German with her fans. She put them under a spell. One of the most charismatic female singers in the gothic scene - the queen of gothic rock. And her following will grow!
They had a very good sound, not easy to get in the ravine of buildings... Compliment to the sound tech. An excellent show and a headliner who deserved it.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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