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On stage: Lacrimas Profundere

- Lacrimas Profundere & Traumtaenzer - June 2010 - Essen (D) -

- Lacrimas Profundere & Traumtaenzer - June 4th 2010 - Essen (D), Sounds -

At a warm, sunny Friday not everybody is in the mood for a club show... Additionally Lacrimas Profundere's show in Essen was scheduled for June 4th, the first day of Castle Rock Open-Air in Mülheim / Ruhr. Just last year Lacrimas Profundere played at Castle Rock, so not the best timing...
Lacrimas Profundere - live in EssenTonight Traumtaenzer should open up for Lacrimas Profundere, but I missed most of their set due to a little chit-chat with Lacrimas Profundere. About 150 fans came to see Lacrimas Profundere and most watched Traumtaenzer in the airless club. Some decided to sit in the beer garden and listen from the distance. The band with singers Eva and Marco entertained the people with their songs - even if it took them a bit to warm up the audience.
Lacrimas Profundere - live in EssenThe change over took a bit longer and the fans started to shout for Lacrimas Profundere even before they entered the stage! The guys headed into their set with Lips. Unfortunately the sound wasn't balanced, so up-front Rob Vitacca's voice drowned a bit, the drums were too loud, while in the middle of the audience the guitars dominated. Anyway, the fans - mainly female ones - loved them. After the song Rob thanked everybody for coming, especially as Castle Rock open-air is nearby. After My Velvet Little Darkness guitarist Oliver made Rob - and anybody else - aware of the fans in front of him who were having a hell of a time. And so Rob dedicated the next song to these fans - Dear Amy followed. With 9 full-length albums under the belt they had enough songs to choose from, but finally they played songs after the release of The Grandiose Nowhere and so quite a few songs made it onto the set list. They call their sound rock'n sad - and they rocked. Lacrimas Profundere - live in EssenThe guys were always in action, even if the stage size limited them a bit. Especially The Letter made the fans sing along loudly and showed that they knew the new songs by heart. After Be Mine In Tears Oliver had some technical problems to fight and needed to change the guitar, then they headed into My Mescaline. With Ave End the set ended, but the fans wanted more!
And they came back for some more. The band was obviously pleased by the crowd's reaction, but first Oliver showed the audience who to demand more properly! Lacrimas Profundere were happy to play A Pearl, Amber Girl and I Don't Care for their fans. And announced that they will join them for a few drinks soon. They wanted to party with their fans - and this is just one reason why their fans love them!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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