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On disc: Lynchmada

To The Earth - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

To The Earth

To The Earth
(Truth Inc. Records - 2011)

From Australia comes the new album from the hard working band Lynchmada. Mostly they stay in the path of metalcore themes in their songs, but soft and swell songs are also present on their album To The Earth. Vocalist Joel Harris and the guys start up with What Fresh Hell Is This?, a song from their hearts of blackened metal done with melodic inputs and gives a good optimistic intro to the album. Throat Of Stone splashes the aggressive black metal to the steel table with a kick in the face attitude, lots of great guitar riffs in the package. Broken Bones is a little more complex with their usual aggressive sound, but a great well-composed song that goes perfectly as total head banging in their gigs. Earth I Walk puts some techno sound so make extra volume in the brutal metal in the Lynchmada style. Next in line is the fantastic song Blackout with speedy full force attacking guitars in a way that could easily be called multi-metal as it has so many metal aspects in it. Twenty Seven Years is my favorite track of the 11 new songs. Melodic and very massive black metal where they make the perfect metalcore sound with Joel Harris in top form in the vocal performance. City Of Lungs is a little different, soft quiet to begin with and building up a fast metal rock style, amazing development in this song. As the last song we get the latest song they wrote as a thank you from the band. Relic has the aggressive style they stand for, but it has tons of black metal atmosphere about it, just to underline their great potential. It's been 4 years since their latest album, but it has been worth waiting for.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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