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On disc: Lykaion

Nothin' But Death - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Nothin' But Death

Nothin' But Death
(Bakerteam Records - 2012)

Lykaion signed up with Bakerteam Records in good time to get fully concentrated on getting their songs ready for their debut album called Nothin' But Death. Both parties can be pleased about this agreement, because the CD from the Italian debutantes are in high class with stunning compositions that take root in power metal and works towards gothic and old school heavy metal. A super mix that promises a lot for the future of Lykaion. Clean singing with humor and attitude is good way to get the first album underway, and they open with the title song Nothin' But Death, elegant power metal where they mix soft and hard passages in the song almost fifty fifty. A Cold Summer Day gets heavier instantly and again the guitars do a very fine job to supply the hard power this song deserves. Empty is a song that holds a melodic base and done in a stylish way of power metal, very great musical stuff. If you are looking for great super guitar riffs then listen to the song The Dance, a song with happiness built solid into the hard power metal. One of the best songs is also the most provocative, Fuck You, I Love Myself. A metal song that you can listen to many times without being tired of it, good powerful melody in a class that speaks for quality. Together is in the very melodic scale of the album, gothic influence in the rhythm and supplied with tons of hard power from the Italian guys. Lykaion gets a good start of their record career, and I look forward to hear more from them in the future.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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