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On disc: Lunatica

New Shores - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

New Shores

New Shores
(Napalm Records - 2009)

The Swiss band Lunatica was founded about 10 years ago and now they present their 4th album which is called New Shores. Pretty often they are described as a symphonic melodic metal band, but that doesn't fit 100%, even if their have symphonic elements. I think melodic metal with symphonic elements is more suitable, but they also have other elements woven into their sound.
The title track is also the opener and has beside some symphonic keyboard lines also some modern atmospheric elements. New Shores offers a wide spectrum of sounds, perhaps a bit too much variety for some... At Two Dreamers Andrea Dtwyler's voice can shine, a heavy rocker with a catchy hook. The Incredibles kicks off with a spoken words part, the song is based on a heavy groove and an unusual rhythmic pattern. But also offers some slower, more balladesque passages. Riff-based is The Day The Falcon Dies and shows the Swiss sextet quite heavy, but also Andrea a bit fragile... The song partly reminds me of Kamelot... But as they use the same ingredients, it's not such a big surprise. At Farewell My Love you first hear guest vocalist John Payne, but then Andrea takes over. And they even add some flamenco guitar! Cool ballad! With My Hardest Walk they present a quite heavy and modern rocker which also has some symphonic passages. A piano-based balladesque tune is Winds Of Heaven which in my opinion would be more intense without the backings. Somehow the backings give it a touch of Queen... White a short part reminds me of Elton John...
Everybody who is into symphonic metal la Within Temptation will be disappointed by this album, but everybody who likes melodic metal with symphonic elements should find this one interesting. The sextet combines different influences, but all songs are melodic!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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