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On disc: Lunae

- Illusions In Bloom - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Illusions In Bloom

Illusions In Bloom
(self-released - 2002)

The Italian outfit Lunae started back in 1998 in Milano. The sextet presents some kind of gothic rock / metal. With Illusions In Bloom they offer their second demo which opens up with Angel's Call. A heavy riff-based track, but it sounds a bit chaotic... They should overdo this one. At Spirit In A Flower they switch between heavy riffs and slower parts with acoustic guitar, but their trademark is the voice of Elisabetta Fioroni. Due to the acoustic guitar parts and the flute of Tania Molteni it gets a folk touch. The song is catchy and it has it's moments. Emanuele Fioroni's acoustic guitar and Elisabetta's voice are only accompanied by Tania's flute at Branches. A slow, balladesque tune which has a sad undertone.
Well, not too bad, but it seems to me that the band has to find their own sound. In my opinion they should continue the way they chose with Spirit In A Flower, the folk touch and the symphonic parts harmonize. Let's wait and see what the Italians will offer next time.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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