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On disc: Lumine Criptica

Fading Into Darkness - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Fading Into Darkness

Fading Into Darkness
(self-released - 2010)

The band Lumine Criptica is offering a demo called Fading Into Darkness where they present a gothic metal spiced up with black metal elements and female vocals. The Argentine band was founded in 2008 after Arkham disbanded. The fivesome from Buenos Aires is offering their release Fading Into Darkness as a free download at their MySpace.
The opener You Will Never Rest is a 8+ minute long tune which gives you a first impression of Lumine Criptica's sound universe. Heavy riffs lead into this dark metal tune, but it's the guitar which gives it a melodic edge in the beginning. A sonic roller coaster ride where they cite different genres. Sabrina Filipcic's vocals sometimes remind me a bit of Anneke van Giersbergen, but it's mainly the phrasing, coz she sings in a more operatic style.
The 2nd track is a fast, riff-based tune called The Trace Of My Beloved. After a break they ease of a bit. Fast double bass drumming, symphonic keyboard parts and heavy riffs are combined and Sabrina's vocals are partly echoed by whispered words. And during the chorus bassist Cristian Trefny adds some growls. The Cold Outside is a melancholy tune with heavy riffs and a sweet keyboard melody, then a break and they head into a slow, almost acoustic passage which is dominated by Sabrina's voice. Her voice could be a bit more up-front... more powerful. Partly her voice isn't strong enough, but with the backings it works. Guitarists Martin Principe and Andres Bustamante add some heavy riffs, but also some cool lead parts.
Insomnia is a bit different, at least partly. At the first part there are spoken words, almost growls, which gives that passage a creepy atmosphere. When Sabrina joins in it's like a girl which is trapped in a haunted place... frightening voices keep her awake. It's a like a soundtrack of a short film. Let your imagination carry you into reverie!
At the closer Me the growls are more present, some passages are based in symphonic black metal, but the black-ish sounds are just one facet. At Me Lumine Criptica make me think of Leaves' Eyes..
Open-minded fans of female-fronted metal should give it a try, fans of Leaves' Eyes, Delain and Epica might find Lumine Criptica interesting...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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