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On disc: Lumendei

- Tiempo - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Self-released - 2006)

The band Lumendei was founded in 2001 in Caracas (Venezuela) by guitarists Eugene Quintero and Alexander Blanco. As so many bands they had a couple of line-up changes through the years, but finally they found a stable line-up. This is their 2nd demo was recorded late 2005 - the first one was recorded in 2002 - and presents 3 songs of the quintet.
The opener is called Tiempo and starts off with heavy riffs - a bit Maiden-like... But then they speed up and it gets a bit thrashy. For the refrain they slow down again and add a nice hook line. Musically the Venezuelans combine power metal with heavy riffs. Guitarist and singer Eugene Quintero has a powerful voice, but has to work on the high notes. Valhalla is a bit prog infused, but still metal. With breaks and speed changes they prevent the listener get bored. A melodic metal tune la Stratovarius... Gamma Ray, etc. But quite good. Another riff-based tune is Sensibus. Especially here the sound quality is lacking a bit... Maiden-like twin riffs lead into this up-tempo tune. The chorus is a bit boring and again Quintero has problems with the high notes. During instrumental passages they partly slow down, why not at parts with vocals? Anyway, not bad.
The sound in general is okay for a demo. In my opinion the drummer Rony Borges should try to vary more... And perhaps they should try some mid-tempo or slow tunes, too, coz that would give Eugene Quintero a bit more space to express himself.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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