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On disc: Luley

Today's Tomorrow - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Today's Tomorrow

Today's Tomorrow
(AOR Heaven - 2012)

Fans of Tokyo and Craaft will know who Klaus Luley is, younger fans of hard rock might not be familiar with Luley's past.... It's been a long time since we last heard from the singer, now he's back with a solo album. He hooked up with drummer Chris Elbers and bassist Matthias Rethmann for Today's Tomorrow which was produced by Michael Voss.

The opener Can't Live Without You is a catchy hard rock tune which has a slight pop appeal due to the keyboard parts and the backings. A bit like a heavy version of Toto... The opening passage of Mountain Of Love reminds me of Foreigner... The guitar sings and seems to communicate with the singer. For Slippin Away they speed up a bit and with the heavy riffs this is more a melodic metal tune, but it still has the polished sound of AOR tunes. One of the highlights is a cover version of Tokyo! Even if the track has some 80's pop keyboard, it rocks! And it shows that this track is timeless, a classic!

Don't Wanna See Your Face has an 80's feel to it, but doesn't sound backdated. It's a catchy track which soon you'll sing along. A pop rock tune is Higher, reminds me a bit of Steve Miller Band... Might be the guitar sound. Here In My Arms is a bit repetitive lyrically - and a bit shallow. At Still Got A Long Way To Go the heavy riffs are back, a real rocker. And the rock sound suits Klaus Luley's voice a lot better. The closer When The Night Comes Down would got a lot airplay in the late 80's - at least in the USA - and for me it's another highlight on Today's Tomorrow.

If you like AOR and melodic rock or if you are a fan of Tokyo and Craaft, then Klaus Luley's solo album should be right up your alley!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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