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On disc: Lost In Thought

Opus Arise - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars

Opus Arise

Opus Arise
(Inner Wound Records - 2011)

This is the debut CD from Wales based band Lost In Thought. They have rehearsed since 2007, and are now ready to throw some music into the fray. They have been a little troubled on the vocal side, but they have brought in Nate Loosemore, and that is a tremendous step in the right direction, he can hold the pieces together when the different patterns in the songs threatens to rip it all apart. A little of everything is the theme of what the songs are made of. Blood Red Diamond has a hard basic line where the guitars are well balanced, but the song should have been a little sharper instead of the little lazy impression that it gives. Entity has a good tempo where both heavy guitars and keyboards finds a solid melodic metal sound to give. Seek To Find has a hard and OK melody, but the song is again too simple, like they lack a little in the ideas to make that something extra that makes the songs splashing. Delusional Abyss, and Lost In Thought never reaches the level that they should be on, especially as it is their debut, it is important to have songs that will not be forgotten after 2 hours, and I really hope Lost In Thought can be more impressive in their future work, otherwise they will not make a breakthrough.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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